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Private Personal Training Services in LA

Personal Training

One-on-one individualized attention is the best way to achieve your health and fitness goals. When in the gym, as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, I’m able to help you master proper technique, push you to your full potential, and set you up for lifelong success. Get in touch today.

Corporate Wellness

Provide employees the opportunity to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Invest in the health of your employees and the return is exponential. A healthier, more motivated workforce is a happier, more productive workforce. Work with a Certified Personal Trainer & Former NFL Player.

Pilates Personal Trainer

Switch gears and take your fitness routine to the next level with Private Pilates Personal Training. Pilates encompass strength, power, and agility for a balanced, full body workout for a leaner body. Get trained by the best Pilates Personal Trainers in LA. Take classes, anywhere at a convenient time.

Online Personal Training

Online personal training is a great way for anyone, anywhere, to work with Darryl. Get a custom workout program based on your unique goals, how long/often you want to exercise, health/injury considerations, the equipment that you have available, and more.

About ConsultStreet

Meet Your Los Angeles Personal Trainer Darryl Whiting

Darryl Whiting is a Queens native, former Tennessee Titan, and a Fordham University Graduate who is now a personal trainer in Los Angeles, California. His desire and dedication for overall health and wellness were first born from physical injuries he sustained during his football career leading Darryl to pursue a career in personal training in LA in an effort to help others. Seeking to improve his physical ability via corrective exercise and functional training he realized dysfunctional movement was not simply physical. He grew conscious and aware of his mental and emotional well-being via meditation, kinesiology and began incorporating mind and body exercises, like Pilates to his studies all of which Darryl incorporates into his personal training sessions. His passion for helping others is second to none and he has a commitment to helping others on their journey of life succeed. Darryl offers one on one private personal training sessions in Los Angeles or Online that’s fully customized to your goals and capabilities.

In-Person & Online Personal Training Programs

Let us take your workout routines to the next level with personal training sessions customized to your needs.

Group Fitness
Group Fitness
Active Kids
Active Kids
Strength Training
Strength Training


What clients say about Darryl Whiting Los Angeles Based Personal Training Services.

Regardless whether this is your first time using a personal trainer or you are looking for a new challenge, Darryl will help you meet your goals. I recommend Darryl because he will be committed to your improvement as he is with mine.

Patrick V Client

Recently started training with Darryl and noticed fitness and strength improvement within as little as 2 weeks. We accomplish a ton with a variety of different workouts within the hour session all which have contributed to my increases in my core strength and conditioning.

Abdul K. Client

Have been training with Darryl for 2+ years now which I think says a lot about his personality and attitude. Happy to count him as a friend now who I also happen to train with. The results I've seen from consistently following his direction have made me feel better.

Scott L. Client

Work with a Personal Trainer

Work With A Personal Trainer

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