Pilates Personal Trainer


Regular Pilates help improves muscle tone, posture, as well as balance, and joint mobility and releases tension and stress. Even if you are already under my Personal Training exercises, Pilates can still be used as complementary training in addition to your regular exercise by helping develop whole-body flexibility and strength, and thus reduce significantly the risk of injury.
Depending on your body, you will start feeling great from the exercises after just ten sessions and by the end of the program, you feel like you have just had a whole new body.
My trainings are personalized and private and encompass strength, power, and agility, three things that will combine to give you a balanced, complete body workout for that lean body you have been yearning.
The best part? You get to be trained and guided by one of the best and sought after Pilates personal trainers in New York City. Above all, you can take my private pilates classes from anywhere whenever you want at your own convenience.